ALA2020 Convention

ALA 2020 Convention Show Classes

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Class Group Class Description Sponsored By
A1 Red Delta
A2 Green Delta
A3 Blue Delta
A4 1/2 Black Delta
A5 All Other Delta
A6 Half Moon
A7 Swordtails
A8 Short tails
A9 Albinos
A10 All Other Shapes
A11 Females
B1 Domestic Varieties and Hybrids
B2 Natural Species
C1 Domestic, Common Finnage
C2 Domestic, Fancy Finnage
C3 Wild Type
D1 Domestic, Common Finnage
D2 Domestic, Fancy Finnage
D3 Wild Type
E1 Torpedo Body
E2 Deep Body
F1 Limias
G1 All other Poeciliid species
H1 All Other Livebearers
I1 Male & Female of Same Species
J1 Parents & 10 or More Fry
K1 Photography Prints
L1 Artwork

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Special Awards Sponsored By
Joanne Norton Best of Show Domestic
Frances Hubbs Miller Best of Show Goodeid
Robert Rush Miller Best of Show Poecilieds or All Other Livebearer
Chairman's High Point Award

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